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Date published: 24/06/2013
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          The death of Mr. Hubert George Knight, which occurred on Saturday at his mother's residence in Donnington-square, although not unexpected, has occasioned sincere and genuine regret among a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.


          The deceased was the eldest son of the late Mr. George Mitchell Knight, and like most members of the family has always taken a keen interest in town affairs.


          Mr. Hubert Knight's tastes were musical, and at an early age he developed talents of more than an ordinary character. He began his public life as organist at Enbourn Church and subsequently was appointed to the more important post at Shaw Church, which he held until the time of his death, though his failing health has for some time prevented him performing his duties there.


          Mr. Knight has on many occasions acted as deputy organist at the Parish Church, in the absence of Mr. J.S. Liddle, Mus. Bach., whose pupil he was. Mr. Knight was prominently connected with both of the leading musical societies, the Choral and the N.A.O.U., both as a performer and as librarian of the former and assistant conductor of the latter. As  a musician he evinced great enthusiasm and promising talent, and his genial and courteous manner endeared him to all with whom he was brought into contact. He had all the family enthusiasm for the Masonic order, being a member of both the local Lodges, holding office in the “Loyal Berkshire Lodge of Hope” as Inner Guard. He had compiled and arranged the tunes for a set of hymns, which had greatly added  to the dignity and beauty of  the ceremonies of the Lodge. Cut off at the beginning of manhood he has left a multitude of friends who deeply deplore a promising career being so prematurely brought to a close.


          The widespread respect in which the deceased was held was manifested yesterday afternoon, when the Parish Church was filled by a large and sympathetic congregation to take part in the funeral service, where the principal portions of which were held. The choirs of St. Nicolas and Shaw combined for the occasion, making quite a strong body of 43 voices. Mr. A. Drury, A.R.C.O., of Kingsclere, who presided at the organ, in the absence from home of Mr. Liddle, played Mendelssohn's beautiful air, “O, rest in the Lord,” as the congregation were assembling, and the service opened with the singing of the hymn “On the resurrection morning.” The clergy present were the  Hon. And Rev. J.H. Nelson, rector of Shaw, the Rev. G.J. Gibbs,vicar of St Mary's, Speenhamland, Rev. F.A. Hill and the Rev. W. Muirhead Hope, curates of St. Nicolas. The service was impressively rendered by the Rector of Shaw, the lesson being read by the Rev. W.M. Hope. The Psalm was chanted, and the hymns were sung were “Peace, perfect peace” and “Abide with me,” the choir singing the Nunc Dimittis as a recessional. The white-robed choristers lined the aisle as the coffin was borne out to the hearse, the pathetic strains of the “Dead March” and the tolling of the funereal knell adding to the solemnity of the occasion.


          The mourners included Mrs. G.M.Knight (mother), Mr. W.S.Knight (brother), Mrs. W.E. Hall (sister), Mr. Sidney Knight (brother), Mr. Edgar Knight (brother), Mr. S. Knight (uncle), Mr. S. Knight, jun. (cousin), Mr. T. Knight, Mr. G. Watts, Miss Plank, Miss Eeles, Madame Doumin, Mr. F. Pocock, and Mr. S.P. Burton.


          Among the large congregation there were present the following members of the Masonic Order: Bro. Day, I.P.M., Bro. Rev. W.M. Hope, chaplain; Bros. G.J.Cosburn, G. Boyer, R. Ravenor, E.Gould, A.W. Neate, T.Hawkins, J. Stradling, C. Stradling, C.J. Pillin, E.C.James, J. Ralph, J. Rolfe, E. Goddard, W. Beames,  J. Legg, &.


          Amongst others were Alderman Adey, Alderman Absalom, Councillors Hall, Long, Withers, Edmonds, Mr. T.A. Fellowes, Captain Slocock, Mrs G. J. Watts, Messrs W. Edwards, C. Hawker, W.H. Hawker, J. Hiscock, J. Parker, H.J. Godding, J.W. Vickers, H. Flint, T. Webb, F.R.C.O., J. H. Hopson, W.W. Penford, R. Adey, J. W. Shackel, I. Hamblin, E. Hart, R. Whiler, Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Staples, Mrs. R. Long, Mrs Boyer, Mrs. J. Knight, jun/. Mrs. G. Matthews, Mrs. Hope, Mrs. Liddle, Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. B. Fielder, Mrs. H. Seymour, Miss Westmacote, Miss Franklyn, Mrs. F. Davis, Mrs. J. Parker, Mrs. Waldie, Mrs. Frampton &.


          Among the wreaths were several of beautiful design, and were sent by the following:-“In fond memory of a dear good brother”, Mr. Councillor S. Knight, Mr. and Mrs. S. Knight junk., Mr. and Mrs. G. Watts, Marshland Misses Gibbs, Misses Gardiner, Mr. and Mrs. Wiley, Miss Cowper, Mrs. Crook, Mr. and Mrs. T. Kimber, Mr. and Mrs. J.S.Liddle, Mr. W.J. Cower, Miss M. Eggleton, Mr. and Mrs. Shackel, the members of St. Mary's Shaw choir, Mr. and Mrs. Hawker, Mrs. Saunders, organist and choir of St Nicolas Church.”From an old friend,” Mrs. H. Seymour, Mr. Harry Bath, Mr. and Mrs. Harrold, from members of the N.A.C.U., from Newbury Choral Society, Mr. S. P. Burton, Rev. F.A.Hill and members of Parish Church Working Men's Club, Hon. Rev. and Mrs. J. H. Nelson. The Masonic tribute, was a beautiful wreath of white flowers with the square and compasses in scarlet geraniums and purple hyacinths, with the inscription:-

“From the Worshipful Master, Officers, and Brethren of the Loyal Berkshire Lodge of Hope, No.. 574, with deep regret and sympathy.”


The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. H.S. Hanington, of North brook- street.

Newbury Weekly News 21 February 1895

Died 15 or 16 February 1895 aged 28

BMD birth March Q. 1867


Sources:Newbury Weekly News 21 February 1895

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