Marianne Pratt

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154 Bartholomew Street Newbury
154 Bartholomew Street Newbury

Marianne Pratt



Marianne Elizabeth Brown was born on the 18th February 1817 in Thetford Norfolk the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Brown (nee Silcock) who were married on the23rd May 1816 at St Mary Stalham Norfolk.

Marianne’s family and early life:

Marianne’s father Henry was an Ironmonger he was born on the 25th June 1787 in Redenhall with Harleston Norfolk, the son of William and Jane Brown (nee Keer) who married in Badingham Suffolk in 1782.

Her mother Elizabeth was born on the 21st July 1791 in Stalham Norfolk, the daughter of Obadiah and Rebecca Silcock (nee Boardman) who were married on the 26th August 1779 at St Michael Coslany Norwich Norfolk.

Henry and Elizabeth also had two sons, Edward Keer, born on the 12th September 1818 and William Henry, born on the 20th October 1819. Both boys were also born in Thetford.

Marianne’s mother died aged 29 on the 25th March 1821 she was buried on the 30th March at the Independent Meeting House Thetford.

Her father Henry remarried on the either the 14th July 1832 (as recorded on freereg) or the 14tt August 1832 (as recorded in the Norfolk Chronicle dated Saturday 18th August 1832 as follows: Tuesday last, by the Rev. Archdeacon Bathurst, Mr Henry Brown, of Thetford, to Marianne, eldest daughter of Mr Kemp, of North Creake) in Norfolk. (Marianne was born c1798 in Rochford Essex  the daughter of John and Susan Kemp (nee Stonard) who were married on the 15th April 1793 n Rochford Essex).

Henry and Marianne had the following children: Henry Martyn 1834, Susan Stonard 1837, Ellen Kemp 1839 and Alice Louisa c1844.

The 1841 census records Henry (50), Marianne (40), Marianne (20), William (20), Henry (6), Susan (4) and Ellen (1), living in Bridge Street Thetford.

In 1851 Henry (63), Susan (14), Ellen (11) and Alice (7) were recorded living in Well Street Thetford.

Marianne’s father Henry died aged 67, suddenly after a short illness on the 14th April 1855 in Thetford


Marianne her husband and life after marriage:

Marianne married Jonathan Burford Pratt on the 17th May 1842. The following announcement appeared in the Norfolk Chronicle dated Saturday 21st May 1842. Same day** at the Independent Chapel Thetford, by the Rev. Alexander Creak, of Yarmouth, Mr J B Pratt, of Harleston, to Marianne, eldest daughter of Mr Henry Brown of Thetford.  (** Same day refers to Tuesday last, as recorded on the previous marriage announcement)

Marianne’s husband Jonathan was born on the 17th February 1815 he was baptised on the 25th April 1815 in Great Ilford Barking Essex, the son of Thomas and Martha Pratt (nee Burford) who were married on the 3rd January 1809 at St Olave Hart Street London (Thomas was a widower).

In 1841 Jonathan (25) was recorded as a Grocer and Draper, living in Chapel Plain, Redenhall with Harleston Norfolk.

Jonathan and Marianne had the following ten children:

Ellen Elizabeth c1843 (birth registered in Depwade Norfolk) (died aged 20 in 1863 in Newbury)

Edward Jonathan 1844 (birth registered in Depwade) (died aged 78 in 1922 in Newbury)

Thomas Henry 1846 (birth registered in Thetford Norfolk) (died aged 72 in 1918 in Newbury)

Arthur William 1848 (birth registered in Thetford) (died aged 1 in 1849 in Newbury)

Frederick c1850 Newbury (died aged 2 in 1852 in Newbury)

Catherine 1851 Newbury (died aged 65 in 1917 in Newbury)

William Brown c1853 Newbury (died aged 68 1921 in Rochford Essex)

Emily Martha 1855 Newbury (died aged 87 in 1942 in Newbury)

Charles Burford 1856 Newbury (died aged 11months in 1857 in Newbury)

Henry Silcock 1857 Newbury (died aged 1 in 1858 in Newbury)

By 1849 the family had moved from Norfolk to Newbury, Jonathan having purchased a Chemist and Druggist business in Bartholomew Street.

The 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891 census records record the family living at 154 Bartholomew Street Newbury, Jonathan was recorded as a Chemist and Druggist. (The family surname has been mistakenly recorded as Platt in the 1851 census on ancestry)

Marianne died aged 71 on the 17th February 1888 she was laid to rest in a private grave in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 24th February.

Jonathan died aged 83 on the 20th June 1898 he was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 24th June with his wife Marianne.

Jonathan and Marianne’s children, Ellen Elizabeth, Thomas Henry, Catherine, Emily Martha, Charles Burford and Henry Silcock are also buried in the Newtown Road Cemetery.

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