Floral Harrold

Author: Margret Wheaton
Date published: 03/05/2021
© Marg\ret Wheaton - granddaughter of Jessie Harrold (Aston)

Floral Harrold (Flossie)
Floral Harrold was the 3rd daughter of Frederick and Elizabeth Mary Harrold.  She was born at ‘Kiu Kiang’, St Johns Road, Newbury on 6th September 1884.  Her father died when she was 13 and although 6 years separated Floral and Jessie, they became very close as the only two daughters left at home with their Mother, after the other sisters married at a relatively young age.  
The oldest sister, Elizabeth (Lizzie) had emigrated to South Africa and only made infrequent visits home.  
Floral was engaged to be married, however, her intended husband decided to marry someone else without telling her and rumour has it that this caused somewhat of a scandal in Newbury at the time.  She never married and after the death of her Mother in 1933 and the family home was sold, she lived with Jessie and her husband in Erdington, Birmingham until her early death in 1935 leaving her estate to Jessie. Jessie always said Flossie died of a broken heart. 
She is buried in the family plot in Newtown Road Cemetery, Newbury with her Mother, Father and Sister Jessie.

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