Alice Appleton

Author: Christine Gambles
Date published: 03/03/2021

Alice Appleton



Alice Haynes was born in Northamptonshire she was baptised on the 6th April 1828 in Preston Capes and was the daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Haynes.

Daniel and Elizabeth also had the following children (all baptised in Preston Capes except John):

John baptised 25th May 1817 in Everdon Northamptonshire

Daniel baptised 6th July 1819 (died aged 20 in 1839 buried 26th June Preston Capes Northamptonshire)

Elizabeth baptised 26th July 1820

Sarah baptised 27th November 1821

Caroline baptised 16th February 1824

Malachi baptised 25th December 1825

Emma baptised 24th October 1830 (died aged 3 months buried 4th February 1831 in Preston Capes Northamptonshire)

Caleb baptised 1st April 1832 (died aged 6 buried 30th August 1838 in Preston Capes Northamptonshire)

Eli baptised 4th May 1835 (died aged 8 months buried 6th December 1835 in Preston Capes Northamptonshire)


The 1841 census records Daniel (50), as a Blacksmith living in Preston Capes with Elizabeth (44), John (22), Elizabeth (19), Sarah (17), Malachi (15) and Alice (13).

Alice’s father died aged 55 in 1843 buried 19th March in Preston Capes Northamptonshire.

The 1851 census records Alice (30), as a Boot Binder living at 11 Green Street (St Margaret’s) Leicestershire.

By 1860 Alice had moved to Newbury, she married there in 1860.

Marriage details:

Place: St Nicolas Church Newbury

Date: 7th May 1860

Groom: William Appleton, full age, widower, occupation: Sawyer, abode: Newbury

Bride: Alice Haynes, full age, spinster, abode: Newbury

Fathers: William Appleton, occupation, Sawyer and Daniel Haynes, occupation, Veterinary Surgeon

Witnesses: George Stillman and William Appleton

William signed his name Alice made her mark.

William was born c1819 in Newbury his 1st wife was Tabitha Tailor, they married in Newbury in 1843 and had 3 daughters, Sarah c1843, Matilda c1844 and Elizabeth c1846. Tabitha died aged 24 in 1847. In the 1851 census William (34), was recorded living in Bartholomew Street Newbury with his Uncle, William Appleton (63), Aunt, Elizabeth Appleton (63), Cousins, Martha (32), Charles (25) and Elizabeth (13), and his daughters, Matilda (7), Sarah (8) and Elizabeth (5). (On William’s marriage record his father is recorded as William Appleton, a Sawyer, so it’s possible that William and Elizabeth raised William as their son. In the 1841 census William and Elizabeth Appleton do have a William aged 20 recorded in the household and the 1861 census records William’s daughters Sarah (17) and Elizabeth (15) as granddaughters of William and Elizabeth).

The 1861 records William (42), and Alice (33), living in Robeson’s Yard Newbury.

Alice died aged 46 in 1867 she was laid to rest in the Newtown road Cemetery on the 19th June.

By 1871 William (52) was living at 15 Victoria Place Newbury, his daughter Matilda (27), and two lodgers Sarah Holley (26) and her 4 year old son Albert Henry Holley. William married his lodger Sarah Holley in 1882 in Hampshire (marriage registered in Kingsclere). The 1881 records the couple as married, they were living in East Woodhay and William was working as a Farm Labourer. The 1891 census recorded them living in Ball Hill and the 1901 census records them living in Highclere.

Sarah died aged 64 in 1908 in Hampshire (death registered in Kingsclere)

William died aged 92 in 1909 in Hampshire (death registered in Kingsclere)

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