Mary Ann Bulpit

Author: Christine Gambles
Date published: 19/08/2021

Mary Ann Bulpit


Mary Ann’s parents:

Mary Ann’s parents were Joseph and Martha Hamblin (nee Britton) who were married on the 4th October 1814 at St Nicolas Church Newbury.

Known children of Joseph and Martha were:

Mary Ann born c1816

Elizabeth Ann born c1817

Hannah Maria born c1819

Sarah born c1822

Joseph born c1826

John born c1828

Emma born c1832

In 1815 Joseph (25) and Martha (27) were living in Clark’s Buildings on the west side of Bartholomew Street Newbury, Joseph was working as a Tailor.

Mary Ann’s mother died aged 50 in 1837 she was laid to rest on the 10th November at St Nicolas Newbury. Her father continued to live in Newbury until his death in 1873 he died aged 83 and was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 2nd May.

Mary Ann:

Mary Ann married James Prince Langfield in 1841 (James was born c1814 in Newbury, the son of Samuel and Betsey Langfield (nee Prince) who married on the 18th June 1811 at St Nicolas Church Newbury).

Marriage details for Mary Ann and James:

Place: St Peter’s Church Walworth in the parish of St Mary Newington Surrey

Date: 12th January 1841

Groom: James Prince Langfield, full age, Bachelor, occupation: Tailor, abode: Keens Row Walworth

Bride: Mary Ann Hamblin, full age, Spinster, abode: Clapham Surrey

Fathers: Samuel Langfield, occupation, Shoemaker and Joseph Hamblin, occupation,Tailor

Witnesses: Letitia Hamblin and W S I Turner

Bride and Groom signed.

The 1841 census records James (25), as a Tailor, living in Hill Street St Mary Newington Lambeth Surrey with Mary (25). They continued to live in Hill Street until at least April 1847 but by March 1848 they had moved to Newbury.

James and Mary Ann had the following five children, sadly only Laura survived to adulthood:

Laura born 12th April 1842 baptised 20th November 1842 at St Peter Walworth,

James Joseph born 27th November 1843 baptised the same day at St Peter Walworth (died aged 9 months 16 days, buried 15th September 1844 at St Peter Walworth)

Mary Ann born 9th April 1845 baptised 4th may 1845 at St Peter Walworth (died aged 2 years 5 months, laid to rest on the 3rd September 1847 at St Nicolas Newbury)

John born 1847 in St Mary Newington (died aged 11 months, laid to rest on the 25th March 1848 at St Nicolas Newbury).

Rose born 1848 in Newbury (died aged 11 months, laid to rest on the 18th April 1849 at St Nicolas Newbury)


Mary Ann’s husband James died aged 34 in 1849 he was laid to rest on the 19th February at St Nicolas Newbury.

The 1851 census records Mary (35) and her daughter Laura (8), living in Hazells Yard Newbury. Mary was recorded as a Mangling Pauper.

Mary Ann remarried in 1852 in Newbury her 2nd husband was Joseph Bulpit, a widower (1st wife Elizabeth Cheater/Chater, married in 1826 in Speen , widowed in 1851)

Joseph and Mary Ann had two children, Edmund born in 1853 and Emma born in June 1855. Mary Ann died aged 39 just after giving birth to Emma she was laid to rest on the 7th July 1855 in the Newtown Road Cemetery. Emma died aged 17 days she was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 13th July

Mary Ann’s children:

Her daughter Laura (surname recorded as Longfield on freebmd) married Charles Goddard (born c1836 in Burghclere, a widower with two children) in Newbury in 1864. Laura and Charles had two sons, James born in 1866 and Alfred born in 1872 both boys were born in Burghclere. The family were recorded living at Down Farm Burghclere in 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901. Charles died aged 73 in 1906 (death registered in Kingsclere). The 1911 census records Laura (68) as a widow lodging at 4 Bartholomew Terrace Newbury with a Francis and Fanny Phillips. She died aged 74 in 1916 (death registered in Kingsclere)

Her son Edmund (7) was recorded in the 1861 census lodging with a Harriett (66) and George Hicks (59) in Gibbs Yard Bartholomew Street Newbury Harriett was recorded as formerly a Nurse and George was recorded as a Fellmonger, Leather Dresser and Baptist Village Preacher. The 1871 census records Edmund (17) as a Farm Servant, he was still lodging with Harriet Hicks (76) who was a widow, working as a Nurse, they were living at 2 Union Chapel Yard Newbury.

Edmund married Maria Wernham/Wornham in Newbury in 1873 and they had 3 children, Eliza Harriet born 1873, died 1877, Elijah born in 1874, died 1874 and Laura born in 1877, died 1878. Maria died aged 23 in 1877.

Edmund remarried in 1881 in Newbury, his 2nd wife was Elizabeth Collins (his half-niece, born on the 13th February 1861 in Enborne, daughter of Emmanuel and Elizabeth Collins (nee Bulpit), Elizabeth Bulpit and Edmund were both the children of Joseph Bulpit born c1805 in Enborne). Edmund and Elizabeth were living in Bartholomew Street when the 1881 census was taken, Edmund was recorded as a Labourer. Edmund and Elizabeth had 4 children, Arthur Edward born in 1883, died 1883, May Matilda born 1885, Francis Edmund born 1886, died 1886 and Florence Daisy born 1895.

In 1891 the family were living at Sarum House Shop (in/near Enborne Road) Newbury, Edmund was working as a Lath Render. By 1901 they  had moved to 5 Craven Terrace Newbury. The 1911 census records the family living at 59 Berkeley Road Newbury. Edmund was recorded as a Lath Render and Cleaver.

Edmund died aged 73 in 1926 (death registered in Poplar).

In 1939 Elizabeth (78) and her daughter Florence (44) were recorded living at 53 Andover Road Newbury. Elizabeth died aged 81 in 1942 in Newbury

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