Reuben/Robert Albert Pope

Author: Christine Gambles
Date published: 11/02/2021

Reuben Albert Pope



Reuben was born in Newbury he was baptised on the 29th February 1852 at St Nicolas Church Newbury and was the illegitimate son of Ann Pope (born c1829 in Welford Berkshire).

Reuben’s mother passed away aged 27 in 1857 she was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 20th May.

In the 1861 census Reuben was recorded living with his Uncle Thomas Pope (born c1821 in Welford) and his wife Maria, in the Rose & Thistle Yard Newbury his uncle Thomas was recorded as a Gardener.

Reuben died aged 10 in 1862 he was laid to rest in the Newtown Road cemetery on the 7th July.

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