Charlotte Hudson

Author: Christine Gambles
Date published: 27/01/2021

Charlotte Hudson



Charlotte Duckett was born Hampshire she was baptised on the 23rd June 1793 in Kingsclere and was the daughter of Richard and Winifred Duckett (nee Webb) who were married in Kingsclere in March 1790.

Other known children of Richard and Winifred were:

Thomas c1790

Martha c1796

Ann c1798

Charlotte’s father died in 1799 he was buried in Kingsclere on the 4th September.

Her mother Winifred gave birth to a daughter Hannah baptised in August 1800. She remarried in 1803 her 2nd husband was Thomas Bear they had one child, Sarah, born in 1803. Thomas died in 1809 and Winifred married again the same year, her 3rd husband was George Keep they also had one daughter, Letty born 1810. George died in 1837 and Winifred died in 1840.

The1 815 census of Newbury records Charlotte (23) in the Newbury Workhouse Mary Hill (on the east side) Newbury.

Charlotte married John Hudson on the23rd December 1821 at St Nicolas Church Newbury (both were single). They had at least one child, Edward born c1821

John died aged 48 in 1840 he buried on the 11th July at St Nicolas Newbury.

Charlotte and her son Edward were recorded living in Mary Hill Newbury in the 1841 census (no occupations recorded for either of them).

The 1851 census again records Charlotte living in Mary Hill she was recorded as a Pauper. She died aged 68 in 1861 she was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 26th January.

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