Charles Snow

Author: Christine Gambles
Date published: 27/01/2021

Charles Snow



Charles was born in Newbury he was the twin son of Benjamin and Martha Snow (nee Purdue) who were married on the 15th August 1795 at St Nicolas Church Newbury. Benjamin was born c1769 in Newbury and Martha was born c1771.

Benjamin and Martha also had the following children:

Mary c1796

Hannah c1797

John c1799 (twin brother of Charles)

George c1804

Jane c1807

Martha c1808

Sarah c1809

Elizabeth c1811

In the 1815 census of Newbury the family were recorded living at May’s Lane Newbury, Benjamin was recorded as a Gardener.

Charles mother died aged 52 in 1823 she was laid to rest on the 28th May at St Nicolas Church Newbury.

The 1841 census recorded Charles (40) as a Shoemaker living in the City Newbury with Harriet Snow (30), David Snow (6), Charles Snow (3) and Harriet Snow (2).

Charles and Harriet did not marry until 1845. David Snow (David Herbert) was Harriet’s son from her 1st marriage. Harriet (Goddard) married David Herbert in 1832, David was tired and found guilty of burglary in 1835 and was sentenced to Transportation for Life.

Harriet and Charles had a son, Charles born in 1837 (birth registered as Charles Snow, mother’s maiden name Goddard), a daughter, Harriet born in 1839 (birth registered as Harriet Herbert, no mother’s maiden name recorded), a daughter, Jane born c1847 (birth registered as Jane Snow, mother’s maiden name Goddard) and a son John born 1852 (birth registered as John Snow, mother’s maiden name Goddard).

Charles twin brother John was recorded as a Labourer living with their married sister Sarah Maskell and her family, in Nutley’s Yard Bartholomew Street Newbury. John died aged 51 in 1850 he was laid to rest on the 29th June at St Nicolas Church Newbury.

The 1851 census records Charles Snow (51), Shoemaker (Journeyman), Harriet Snow (43), David Herbert (14) (recorded as son-in-law), Harriet Herbert (12) (recorded as daughter) and Jane Snow (7) (recorded as daughter), living in Mills Yard Newbury. Their son Charles (13) was not at home at the time the census was taken he was working as a Chimney Sweep and was recorded in the household of Leah Hamblin (61), Chimney Sweep, in Hamblin’s Yard Newbury.

Charles father Benjamin died aged 85 in 1854 he was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 12th January.

Charles and Harriet’s son John died aged 3 in 1856 he was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 11th April.

Charles died aged 63 in 1860 he was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 22nd October.

In 1861 Harriet (53), Laundress, her daughters, Harriet (21), Laundress and Jane (14), Servant and her grandson, Henry James (2), were recorded living in Joplin’s Yard Cheap Street Newbury.

Harriet died aged 54 in 1861 she was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the17th June.




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