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Author: Deirdre Duff
Date published: 09/01/2021

Doris May Isles

She was born in 1913 (1Q) in Staines, Middlesex.  Her parents were Albert Edwin and Annie Jane (Razey) Isles.

Her father was the son of Frederick and Emily (Wise) Isles.  In 1911 her father was a County Court Bailiff in Newbury.  When he married Annie Jane Razey in 1912 at St. Luke Church, Chelsea, he was an assistant warder at H.M. Borstal Institution, Feltham, Middx.

Her mother was the daughter of George and Martha Ann (Bailey) Razey.  George Razey had been a coal miner in Pontypridd, Wales, and later became the landlord of the Anchor Inn at 101 Northbrook Street.   Previously his brother-in-law Albert Absalom Lambourne, who was married to his sister Ann, held the licence until he died on 7 January 1908. 

Doris May died aged 22 months at 8 Waterloo Place, West Street, Newbury, in January 1915.  Her grandparents George and Martha Ann Razey were living at this address at the time.   Doris May was buried in the Cemetery on 7 January 1915.

For the family record:-

Her father Albert Edwin Isles died aged 77 years in Newbury in January 1963: he is not buried in the Cemetery.  Her mother Annie Jane (Razey) Isles died at the age of 99 in 1989 in Aylesbury Vale, Bucks.

Her grandmother Emily (Wise) Isles was buried in the Cemetery on 3 January 1917 and her grandfather Frederick Isles was buried in the Cemetery on 27 February 1932.

Her grandmother Martha Ann (Bailey) Razey died aged 55 years in March 1919 in Wallingford and her grandfather George Razey died aged 64 years in Newbury in December 1923: he is not buried in the Cemetery.

Her great-uncle Albert Absalom Lambourne was buried in the Cemetery on 13 January 1908.

Her great-grandfather James Razey died in Newbury in November1902 and he was buried in the Cemetery on 17 November 1902.

No Mrs. P. Code

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