William George Hickson

Author: Deirdre Duff
Date published: 09/01/2021

On website he is recorded under the name of William Hickson.


He was baptised William George Hickson on 12 April 1818 in Amesbury, Wiltshire.  His parents were John Hickson, a cooper, and his wife Elizabeth, née George, from Frome, Somerset.  His father died in 1835 and his mother took over the coopery (1841 census) in Frog Lane, Amesbury and in 1861 she was recorded in the census at the age of 75 as formerly a dairy keeper.

His siblings were:-

-        Thomas (1814-1864) baptised 29 May 1814; became a cooper journeyman.

-        James (1816-1835) baptised 28 April 1816. Died aged 19 years.

-        Sarah, baptised 21 January 1821.

-        Mary Elizabeth, baptised 30 November 1823; became a seamstress.

-        John, baptised 3 June 1827; became a draper/mercer(silk) living in Shrewsbury.

Research has been unable to establish when he moved to Newbury or where he apprenticed to be a whitesmith.

He married his first wife, Betsy Shail Dobson, at St. Nicolas Church, Newbury, on 29 April 1848.  Her father was Charles Shail Dobson, a carpenter and wheelwright.  The witnesses were W. Eatwell and Rhoda Shail Dobson.

Sadly his wife and daughter Rhoda died in 1849 (2Q).  Her mother’s maiden name was registered as Shaile.

A year later on 26 October 1850 he married Eliza Newman at St. John’s Church, Notting Hill, Middlesex, and they had three children, all born in Newbury:  Ellen Elizabeth in 1851 (4Q), Tryphena Alice in 1854 (1Q), and Anne born in 1860 (1Q) but died aged 3 months - she was buried in Newtown Road Cemetery on 11 April 1860, just 2 ½ months after her father.

The 1851 census records him living on his own at West Street, his occupation whitesmith, aged 32 years. Directory information confirmed he was working from 1 Windsor Place, West Street, and from the Greenham Wharf.  His wife Eliza is visiting Isaac Nullis and his son Isaac Septimus Nullis in Ashampstead.  It is interesting to note that a daughter named Tryphena Nullis was born in 1830 and died aged 10 years in 1840.

During the Newbury Municipal Election in November 1858, his address was 72 Northbrook Street.

He died aged 40 years in Newbury and he was buried on 24 January 1860.


No Mrs. P. Code

Also buried in the Cemetery:

His daughter, Anne, aged 3 months, on 11 April 1860.

His second wife, Eliza Hickson, aged 46 years, on 31 December 1862.

His daughter Tryphena Alice Sellwood, aged 56 years, on 1 November 1910 and his son-in-law Joshua Sellwood, aged 92 years, on 28 October 1942.  

Mrs. P. Code LS (C) 7.



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Also www.hicksons.org


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