Sarah Pendle

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Date published: 10/08/2020
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Sarah Pendle (1814 – 1888)


 Sarah Stillman was born circa 1814 in Newbury the daughter of William and Sarah Stillman, nee Challis.


William was born circa 1774 in Newbury and married Sarah Challis on 19 May 1805 at St Mary in Hamstead Marshall. Sarah died October 1815 aged 37 and was buried on 18 October 1815 at St Nicolas in Newbury. William remarried on 25 November 1816 at St Nicolas in Newbury to Elizabeth Clayton.


In the 1841 census Sarah was living with William and Elizabeth in Bartholomew Street in Newbury along with her sister Martha.


Sarah’s father William died May 1849 and was buried 9 May 1849 at St Nicolas in Newbury.


Sarah married Folkard Pendle on 24 October 1850 at St Stephen, Rochester Road in Westminster. They were both recorded as living at 26 Willow Street at the time of the marriage. Folkard was born circa 1815 at Dennington in Suffolk and was a gentleman’s servant when he married.


In the 1851 census Sarah and Folkard were living in Draycott Terrace in Chelsea, London and Sarah’s mother Elizabeth was recorded as a visitor. Folkard was recorded as a servant.


Ten years later in 1861 Folkard and Sarah with son William aged 8 were living in Dennington in Suffolk with Folkard recorded as a farmer occupying 6 acres. By 1871 they had moved to Marquis of Cornwall Inn in Old Foundry Road in Ipswich with Folkard as the inn keeper and son William a grocer’s assistant.


Folkard died 27 October 1877 by which time he was landlord of The Malsters Arms in Woodbridge, Suffolk. He was buried 1 November 1877 at Woodbridge Cemetery.


In the 1881 census Sarah was recorded living with her step mother Elizabeth and sister Martha in Wash Road in Newbury. Elizabeth was recorded as an annuitant and both Martha and Sarah had their employment recorded as “no occupation”.


The Newbury Weekly News edition of 12 January 1888 reported in a short article the death of Sarah on Tuesday (10 January) and her sister Martha on Sunday (8 January) and that their step mother Elizabeth was still alive and would celebrate her 102nd birthday in April. Martha and Sarah were both buried at Newtown Road Cemetery on 14 January 1888.


Sarah’s mother Elizabeth died just a few weeks after Sarah on 28 January 1888 and she was buried at Newtown Road Cemetery on 4 February 1888.










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