Sarah Moore

Author: Christine Gambles
Date published: 30/06/2020
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Sarah Ann Moore



Sarah was born in Midgham Berkshire she was the daughter of Daniel and Susannah Moore (nee Fuller) who were married on the 31st January 1819 at St Mary’s Thatcham Berkshire.  Sarah’s father was an Agricultural Labourer.

Sarah never married but she had at least three children, Eliza Ann 1839, Elizabeth c1848 and Hannah c1854.

In the 1841 census Sarah (20) was recorded working as an Agricultural Labourer, living in Midgham with her parents, siblings, James (20), George (15), Hannah (12), Mary (7) and her daughter Eliza (2).

Her father died in 1846 he was buried on the 18th March at St Matthew’s Midgham and her mother died in 1850, she was buried on the 26th May at St Mary’s Thatcham.

In the 1851 census Sarah (33) and her daughters Eliza (13) and Elizabeth (3) were recorded as inmates in the Newbury Workhouse.

In the 1861 census Sarah (49) was recorded working as a Sempstress, living in the City Newbury with her daughters Elizabeth (13) and Hannah (7). She died the following year and was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 25th October 1862. (her aged at death was recorded as 50)

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