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  Newbury: Road By Road
  Publisher: Henwick Worthy Books

Reviewer:Brian Sylvester
Review date:
May 19, 2013


Anyone with an interest in local history should not fail to get their hands on this splendid volume because it does exactly what its title suggests, giving an invaluable insight into the history and naming of our local streets. The reader will encounter street names of Newbury long since gone, such as Laundry Road, Sandy Lane and Gas House Road.

And be assured it’s well laid out in a relaxed style, it’s in alphabetical order and boasts a superb index: it will soon have you hooked.

Mr. Tubb said that the book took him about nine years, on and off, to write it (we’re not surprised!). He added that information for the book has come not only from Newbury (library and museum), Reading (Berkshire Record Office) and over 250 local people but also from places much further afield, such as Aberdeen, Cardiff, Chester, Salisbury and Taunton.

It must have been a painstaking and, at times, frustrating undertaking but the outcome has been well worth it.

And for the Friends of Newtown Road Cemetery there is an added bonus for he has included references and details of local families, many of whom became “our residents”. And he has already given us permission to use his excellent research on Dr Heywood pp137-8.

It is a hardback and has 324 pages, packed with fascinating information: at £16 it is excellent value for money.

Do support our local talent and historians, and take part in preserving our local past for the future.

Copies may be obtained from:

• Jackie's Store in Blenheim Road

• Waterstones in Northbrook Street

• The Town Hall (Council Chamber) on Saturday mornings

• The Family Bookshop, Thatcham Broadway

• By contacting Roy himself on 867105.


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