Welcome to the web site on the Friends of Newtown Road Cemetery.

The Friends were set up in association with Newbury Town Council to help restore the cemetery to its former glory after it was closed in 2000 on health and safety grounds. In the subsequent years, the Friends have undertaken may tasks including assisting with nature surveys and providing information and pictures for display boards.

We are also undertaking a full memorial recording programme to ensure that the information on all the memorials is preserved on the web site where everyone can access it.

Our History Research Group is actively searching through old documents and certificates to try and find out as much as possible about every single person buried there.

If you wish to join the friends or have any information about people buried here, then we would be delighted to hear from you.

If you wish to visit the cemetery, it is open daily (except Christmas Day) between 10am and 3pm.

Aerial view of the cemetery

This is a zoomable image taken by the RAF in 1950. Note that the now demolished dissenter's chapel is still present in this picture. You can also see the temporary building used for St. John's Church following the bombing in 1943.

Reproduced here with kind permission from the copyright holder © English Heritage. NMR RAF Photography

Where is the Cemetery?

You can use the map below to locate the cemetery in relation to the A339 that runs through the centre of Newbury.

The Cemetery is the long vertical space in the centre of the map between Newtown Road and Old Newtown Road.

A Postcode on Newtown Road to get you there using your Sat-Nav is RG14 7BT.

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We remember them...

On this day the following people were buried in Newtown Road Cemetery.
An asterisk (*) by the date means that the date of death has been used as we do not have a precise date of burial.

Name Date of burial Age at death
(if known)
Abode (burials only)
Emma ADAMS 26 June 1918 80 3 Poplar Cottages, Jubilee Road
Ellen BOYER 26 June 1872 36
Daniel BROWN 26 June 1876 15
John BULL 26 June 1912 86 Workhouse Infirmary,
Mary Ann CARR 26 June 1900 57
Alice May  CLAPHAM 26 June 1876 12
Clara Ann CLOKE 26 June 1939 76 Kings Road
Thomas DEACON 26 June 1914 63 Workhouse Infirmary,
Annie FREEMAN 26 June 1928 64 77 Queens Road
Jane FREEMAN 26 June 1875 13
Edith Mary HAYTER 26 June 1909 8 Kingsbridge Road
Walter Montague Collis HIGGS 26 June 1883 8 Months
Sarah Caroline LAKE 26 June 1956 86 76 Greenham Road, Newbury
Kathleen Mary MASON 26 June 1925 7 months 84 Russell Road
Mary Ann MULFORD 26 June 1907 68 Glenlyn, Howard Road,
William Henry POOLE 26 June 1929 71 50 Greenham Road
William RANGER 26 June 1877 77
Charles William Walter SIRED 26 June 1937 50 1 Highfield Road
Frederick James SMART 26 June 1883 21
Frank  SPERRING 26 June 1871 4 weeks
John Howard WEBBER 26 June 1917 78 9 Priory Road
William WORNE 26 June 1907 56 5 Adey Buildings,
York Road

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