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Date published: 20/02/2015
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It is with regret that we record the death of Mr. Herbert John Finn, a member of a well-known Kentish family, which took place on Wednesday last after ten years of illness and complete inactivity. Before coming to Newbury, the deceased gentleman was a partner in the Steam Brewery, Ipswich. Here he took an active in the affairs of the town and in Church life, being a Church Warden for many years.


He purchased the Phoenix Brewery in December, 1893, from the late Mr. Charles Nutley, was most successful in developing the business and well-known as an excellent judge of barley and hops. During his long period of illness, his son, Mr. Dudley Finn, has carried on the affairs of his business.




The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon, the first part of the service being held at the Parish Church, and was taken by the Rector (the Rev. L.R. Majendie).

The mourners were Mrs. Finn (widow), Mr. Dudley Finn (son), Miss Finn and Mrs. Somerset (daughters), Mr. Ray Finn, Mr. Ernest Finn, Dr. Somerset, Mrs. Dudley, Mr. Charles Barry, Dr. and Mrs. Allen Finn, Mr. Walter Money, Capt. And Mrs. Elsworth Stevenson, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Barnes, Capt. Barnes, Mr. Horley, Mr. and Mrs. Giffard Wells, Mr. A.T. Watson, Mr. F.D. Bazett, Mr. Gold, Mr. H. Hopton,, Mr. Bywater, Mr. King, tenants from Hungerford and Newbury, employees at the Brewery.


Among those present at the Church and at the graveside in Newbury Cemetery were Mr. E. Parfitt, Mr. V.C. Knight, Mr. W.H. Coldicutt, Mrs. Watts, Miss Oldfield, Mr. W.E.V. Tompkins, Mr. J.H. Spackman, Mr. W. Cooke, Mr. and Mrs. Addison, Mr. and Mrs. E. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Whyman, Mr. J.W.H. Kemp, Miss Godwin, Mrs. Watts, Supt. Maunders, Sergt. Walker and many others.


There were a large number of floral contributions listed.


The body was enclosed in a shell with outer casket of unpolished oak and inscribed


“Herbert John Finn,

died November 29th 1922

aged 80.”


The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Camp, Hopson and Co.


Newbury Weekly News 7th December 1922

Sources:Newbury Weekly News 7 December 1922

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